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Carrier Market Update 09.14.2023

GlobalTranz Team:


Below, please see the latest market updates from across our carrier network. Please inform, consult, and educate your customers, prospects, and teammates on current market conditions.


Weather Updates:

  • We are in peak hurricane season, and Hurricane Lee is being monitored closely in the Atlantic as it fluctuates in strength. The forecasted track shows a northern movement which may impact the New England region of the U.S. this weekend and parts of Southeastern Canada along the coast.

Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) Updates:

  • Diesel prices are still climbing, increasing in nine of the ten regions, up $.048 nationally to $4.540, but still down $0.493 from one year ago. The largest increase of $.169 was in California to $5.970, while the Lower Atlantic region saw a small decrease for the second week in a row of $.002 to $4.417.
  • The New England market LTL terminals are preparing for potential impact from Hurricane Lee which may hit the region this weekend. Transit times can potentially be impacted if the storm makes landfall; however, modeling shows a low percentage chance of a direct hit.


‌Truckload (TL) Updates:

  • Spot load posts are down 5.1%, spot truck posts are down 13.3% and LTR (load-to-truck ratio) was up for van, flatbed and reefer.     
  • Dry van demand increased 12.7% to a 3.23-1 LTR nationally, with the heaviest demand stable in the Mississippi River Valley and Northeastern states at over 2.6-1 LTR and highest in VT at over 5.5+ to 1 LTR.       
  • Dry van spot RPM (rate per mile) is up $0.02 from August at $2.10 RPM, down $0.35 y/y (year-over-year) nationally, with the Midwest holding the highest RPM at $2.31. 
  • Flatbed demand increased 8.6% to a 6.85-1 LTR nationally, with demand highest at 18+ to 1 LTR in AL, AR, MS and OR.             
  • The national spot flatbed RPM is flat from August at $2.50 RPM, down $0.39 y/y, with the Midwest and the Southeast holding steady at the highest RPM of $2.64 and $2.60.
  • Reefer demand increased 2.2% to a 4.26-1 LTR, with the highest demand stable in DE, ID and SD at over 12+ to 1 LTR.      
  • National reefer rates are up 2 cents to $2.52 RPM from August, down $0.33 y/y, and are highest in the Midwest at $2.88 RPM.
  • According to Sonar’s Outbound Tender Reject Index, over the past week, the following markets have the highest Tender Reject Index (tightest markets):            
    • Van: Green Bay, WI; Erie, PA; Cedar Rapids, IA; Cape Girardeau, MO and Saint Louis, MO.   
    • Reefer: Twin Falls, ID; Spokane, WA; Pendleton, OR; Dubuque, IA and Cedar Rapids, IA. 


  • A. Duie Pyle:                   
    • Weight restriction over 9,000 lbs., no more than 7 pallets          
  • Dependable Highway Express:                  
    • No more than 6 pallets     
    • CTII
    • OB Denver, CO
  • Dohrn:             
    • IB/OB Litchfield     
  • Estes:                
    • IB/OB Denver, Salt Lake City and Cincinnati     
  • N&M Transfer:                 
    • Residential PU/DEL         
  • R&L:                  
    • IB/OB Nashville, TN        
  • SAIA:  
    • ‌No shipments over 15,000 lbs., 7+ skids     
  • Southwest Motor Transport:                       
    • Weight restriction over 10,000 lbs., no more than 6 pallets         
  • Standard Forwarding:                  
    • IB/OB ANK terminal which is Iowa and some parts of Illinois     
  • XPO:                 
    • IB/OB Colorado    

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